The Possessor

He outgrew the pattern of the noun The tain was severed from the fount head His germane made the romance weak Coming out compressed, like bitter rigor mortar Did you know Ponce De Leon’s younger brother? His greed turned ash when it fell on the page Flapping against the feudal heirs Linguistically, gradual sounds of […]

Soaked In Its Grief

It made its way down A redwood leaf Plummeted soft On the deep, awakened greens lithe bounce       magnifying,       photomatic reel It hung off the most Dangerous peaks A diamond axel With a Nibbana plink bright stealth       clear coalescing,       barefoot assassin It broke against still life Curled the curves of An iris heirloom […]

A Mad Intercision

“Surrealism to me is reality.”  John Lennon “A Mad Intercision” Pulled back by the wind, fog lights jumped over Knocking pressure below the air plane, She went off the road ‘cause her mind Let-out-line for a memory, a mad  Intercision, and I remember I Was the one next to her as the Hospital bed ran […]

Blackbird #14

There’s comfort in understanding what works and what doesn’t work in language. But what happens when a man like John Cage gets “uncreative” and wants to take syntax out of language to make language more “un-understandable”? Cage claimed the linguistic status quo was “demilitarizing language” and would continue to bang his head against a wall […]

000 Generalities

Poverty is a symbol It’s as lost as two faces Conjoining eyes in a mirror It’s as nameless as two tracks Topping off at a crossroad As cold as massive numbers Turning odds into zeros So big it becomes An unmelodious aviary A zoo inches deep in dust A house dry of pulsation Of migrant […]


five different versions of one same event how soon in life the die is cast too young to know what she was doing beach wood, isn’t it? inscrutable secrets and lies mature original passion prematurely inherited a one stringed lyre to a cup of hemlock over-dead, isn’t it? the happiest times in  life were in […]

(A) Spiral Groove

My other life called (said) Its been a long time Got my number from a friend Heard my mom had passed Sorry but couldn’t stay in touch Moved all the way to haha Alaska Give me a call back… They didn’t even leave a name (thought) Maybe  an old friend remembered me Broke the code […]