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Closed Until Fall

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Come with me this evening
And I will take two links from your watch
Come to the front door
Drop  off sugar, peanut butter in a green coffee cup
And I will give you spoons of my tomato soup
I’ll stub my pinky on your chest
You’ll sneak the car to the firehouse
Show me ghosts in the suite, at the
Furnace creek inn
We’ll come to watch the denim fade
Debate the end of horror, black and white
Ram rocks to view flood
Blocked monuments
Talk of falls church, holsteins, and .45
Night sky dark park night sky
You’ll key the radio as we’re kidnapping toads
Pour oil down the funnel next
To the date groves
Rolling on top of our own giants
Slashing the night with our laughs
Swim millions of years in spring water
Hitting the bats with our heads
It all ends at one
As unleashed dogs howl excitedly
Down the slumbersome  sealed Shoshone rez
As castle halls blink, at the
Furnace creek inn

Clburdett, 2016


On My Walk

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Orange balls of light warm

The streets and warm my heart within

In a backdrop of an enormous

Midnight sky the world is beautiful again

The excitement

The feelings of apprehension

The planets are mistaken stars

The trees are mistaken mountains

The depths of blue swelling in the sky

Turns into a cooling orb of ocean surrounding me

And my spirit floats along the lake like streets

Shimmering gold dances fiercely atop of the hard gray surface

Illumination weaves its way through space

Rendering nothing insignificant, nothing untouched

And night comes to reveal its soft bellied middle

From there I become destined to rally between the

Two dark spaces of earth and sky