Soaked In Its Grief

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It made its way down
A redwood leaf
Plummeted soft
On the deep, awakened greens
lithe bounce
      photomatic reel
It hung off the most
Dangerous peaks
A diamond axel
With a Nibbana plink
bright stealth
      clear coalescing,
      barefoot assassin
It broke against still life
Curled the curves of
An iris heirloom
Lost its shape in the florets
Of a sunflower’s face
Slipped through wisteria’s
Forbearing arms
dram drop
      cloud blooming burst
      wingless, seraph, sphere
A fertile whisper shook
In disbelief
A toad disturbed jumped
Onto another lily
A chrysalis kindly, soaked
In its grief
As Nature cried out the
First tear of spring


000 Generalities

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Poverty is a symbol
It’s as lost as two faces
Conjoining eyes in a mirror
It’s as nameless as two tracks
Topping off at a crossroad
As cold as massive numbers
Turning odds into zeros
So big it becomes
An unmelodious aviary
A zoo inches deep in dust
A house dry of pulsation
Of migrant thought
What’s left between, in-between
When the ringing has stopped
Poverty is noting more
Than what is general
A stack needing to be reshelved
Into the Dewey decimal system
Cooperative as long as it stays in its place
It’s an ancient, archived tete-a-tete
We ride on past without any empathy
Widely biased if not, unplugged
Despair a greater sin for them
As their cries become shut in a book
And this symbol again
Is unheard

clburdett, 2017

Closed Until Fall

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Come with me this evening
And I will take two links from your watch
Come to the front door
Drop  off sugar, peanut butter in a green coffee cup
And I will give you spoons of my tomato soup
I’ll stub my pinky on your chest
You’ll sneak the car to the firehouse
Show me ghosts in the suite, at the
Furnace creek inn
We’ll come to watch the denim fade
Debate the end of horror, black and white
Ram rocks to view flood
Blocked monuments
Talk of falls church, holsteins, and .45
Night sky dark park night sky
You’ll key the radio as we’re kidnapping toads
Pour oil down the funnel next
To the date groves
Rolling on top of our own giants
Slashing the night with our laughs
Swim millions of years in spring water
Hitting the bats with our heads
It all ends at one
As unleashed dogs howl excitedly
Down the slumbersome  sealed Shoshone rez
As castle halls blink, at the
Furnace creek inn

Clburdett, 2016

Unlike Each Other

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Each day

You may not realize this

The bird’s song will be different

As daylight touches to warm the back

Of the mountain’s side

Or as a wheel turns tread

Against the roads arms

It will never be the same


A child calling out to his mother in need

Leaves so brazen falling down like fledglings

Tear drops so strong washing mud from the stream

Memories come back and we retrieve

Again and again it happens

But it always happens


There are times of the day

Where light turns the waters green

Bright days are bright

Bright days are clear

Bright days glare

Dark nights are the same as the brightest day

Cold nights burn like the sun

Dark nights can’t conceal like other dark days

But it will never be the same

Each day

We may remember it as is

Or remember that what was

Or remember what we knew

Every time we hear birds sing

Every time the sun reaches out

Every time the clouds roll by

Something is there inexplicably different

From the last time

And time

Like unlike twin mountain peaks

Like unlike winds hollowing out canyons

And screams harrowing out our hearts

Are not repeated but come around once

No repetitious boring rain drops

Common currents tugging boats along

Unbearable breezes making it impossible to stay on course

Once you see it and know it

It’s gone

Each day different

Each day a memorial

A reminder

That life if full


Is ours


Clburdett, 2016





Wailing Rails Of Night Train to Barcelona

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Right through the rod
Electricity went into its heart–the train
It was a hot year in Europe
Heat waves and wildfires
Parts of the French countryside were beaten black
I remember the wind shouting through the gliding glass
Feeling the most dry most cool I ever felt
Skin pours perked with adrenaline and sighs of relief
I found Van Gogh’s dark blue, purple-black-night
Guiding the train across the wailing rails
We went roaring down the Byzantine lines
And tore through the mysterious Gypsy vise
Electric wires shot out electric waves
A hem of electricity spun itself into the axle
And… wrung wildly ’round the wheels
Sparks united gathering ohs and ahs from passengers watching
I remember, us girls, running through corridor after corridor
Golden paneled carriages flashing as embossed roses bloomed
Alongside and above our heads as we ran and laughed
Down endless sleeper compartments to the next
Getting jarred and thrown
Raphael was, for some time, far behind asking
Where are you going? where are you going?
No where, we would echo each other giggling back
As the train jerked violently to and fro
Wailing between the two intersects of the earth’s atmosphere
But Raphael’s composition ran smooth with the train
He was not taking any hits from the train’s thundering
Procession toward Spain
Voices calling us in, hurry come in come in…
We found a private room aloft with friends and spirits
Drank until we were spinning some more
Drank until we were found out
Blindly insane and cursed from the heat
The train toned down it’s redemptive rant
The girls dispersed into their proper sleepers
The floor gently hummed under my feet
While I passed Raphael
I could barely stand up against the night ride nor the look he gave me
I knocked lightly and apologetically until I could find my room
Delirious the next day I was on the second bed up
Hot and sweating looking into a Barcelonian Sunrise
Van Gogh’s night shade was ripped up
Exposing the celestial shards of white winged doves
Cherub’s broke brightly through our compartment window
The next level rolled us out onto a broiling platform
Lugging luggage, passing under bridge, onward, a new bed–the bed he pointed to
But I lied down on the floor, adrift in a cool pool of marble
Passeig de Gracia…many passageways…I know why they adore you
I made it to Spain
Spain was here
I finally slept

Getting To The Heart of Stein: A Blue Broken Heart Tribute

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When I think of the present moment, I think of the poetry of Gertrude Stein.  A broad spectrum of her poetry lives in the moment.  Her dominate style-usage of repetition with variation was not a careless throw of words on an empty page; her style-usage of repetition combed through words over and over until they were smooth, shiny, and strong.  For, repetition is not a way to fill in space; nor, is it a broken record (a conundrum drumming on and on with no purpose). Repetition is the act of living (partnered with our beating hearts), in the present, giving value (and emphasis) to linguistic patterns while caressing each word (repetition is the basis of eternity). One word spoken once may die or be forgotten; but, one series of words spoken many times over and over again are dreams we never forget!

How many times can one say the same thing over and over again? As many times as it takes for one to understand.  And what happens to the message?  The message changes; the reader changes.  The message is broken down into pieces and parts that are not intimidating–language is made simple (broken down into cubes and squares–just like when we were children working primary colored, wooden blocks!).  Sameness reveals difference; sameness orchestrated carefully and tenderly reveals a multilayered reality.  Exhausted words exhausts meaning.  Meaning is exhausted when words are pushed to the limit.  The limit is only pushed until the words are exhausted. A fresh and vivid language will emerge with new possible meanings to open our minds echoing how  “a single image is not splendor,” and how “the difference is spreading.” (Stein, Tender Buttons)

To experience Stein please visit this link:  http://www.bartleby.com/140/1.html

“Blue Broken Heart”

Lightest of all light
blue broken heart
trapped in a conundrum of lies
lightest of all blue
blue broken heart
a conundrum trapped of light
lightest of all lies
heart broken conundrum
trapped in a blue broken heart
lightest conundrum of all
blue heart broken
broke lightest light broke lies
heart trapped in all blue
blue broken heart
lightest light lies lying
trapped all in a heart
broken blue broken
light is a conundrum
lightest heart broken
trapped light blue
conundrum of all lies
heart broken lies
blue broken heart
blue trapped in blue light
conundrum of light broken
lightest heart light heart light!
conundrum, conundrum, conundrum
lightest of all blue
broken blue broke blue
broken light broke lies
broke all light broken blue
conundrum trapped the lightest heart
the lightest heart broke
the lightest light blue
broke broke broke
trapped trap trapped
broke the



The Age After Torn

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Before the age of all ages

after the age of ice

one age was torn

it was rived, limited

corruptible in spirit

and weak

there were too many worlds

opening and closing

no one could make up their minds

and every time one world was neglected

(and another one was formed)

another one died

it was an age of waste and indulgence

then all the doors to all the worlds shut

nothing could be done or seen

and a thought was formed, pooled out,

and reflected upon all the realities that died

keeping the echoes of regret and

imprisoning mass manifested bodies of confusion

the walking spirits of the dead filled the pool

the whispering words of regret filled the pool

this gestational stage bore chaos

In front of a fire where wine was once poured

there was talk of war

for the age of earth was becoming no more

those who spoke to fire moved out from under the sky

those who prayed to fire began to bark at the sun

the channel between sky and god was altered

and those who were against fire prayed into the

dark places where fire did not exist nor burn

prayed until the sky struck all who were living with a

downpour that sent them all back to ash and mud…

The first to break free was a poet

and it was a poet who led them into battle

against all who stood in the way of fire

although their words could not

brandish weapons nor, from the hilt, lift a sword

their words led many

and the many became soldiers

the ones still living and those who neared

away from the pool of chaos

fought against the deep fissures

created by those who wanted to keep opening

and closing doors

for every door picked up pollution

linking them further and farther

from all worlds until the sky was not blue anymore…

If you can remember

you may or may not

there was much fighting, for so long,

much fighting

one day it stopped

since no one could remember what

they were fighting for

the disturbance created, for the sake of stability,

righted itself back to a state of continuity

creating an age of symbiosis

which blew wide open the last door

illuminating the world much brighter

than the age of fire and lifting them higher than

all ages of earth

And many ages past, and many, today,

living in the age of now, have doubted

the door of this world could have ever opened

some today still doubt, this

door, has ever, closed

But before the age of all ages

after the age of ice

after the age of fire

one age broke free from

the age that was torn


clburdett, 2015