Unlike Each Other

Each day You may not realize this The bird’s song will be different As daylight touches to warm the back Of the mountain’s side Or as a wheel turns tread Against the roads arms It will never be the same Twice A child calling out to his mother in need Leaves so brazen falling down […]

Wailing Rails Of Night Train to Barcelona

Right through the rod Electricity went into its heart–the train It was a hot year in Europe Heat waves and wildfires Parts of the French countryside were beaten black I remember the wind shouting through the gliding glass Feeling the most dry most cool I ever felt Skin pours perked with adrenaline and sighs of […]

Million Dollar Billy Done Dada

A tribute to dada poetry (aka dadaist poetry). I had a great time seeing language emerge from my little plastic bag of cut-out-words. I am impressed with how easily the title presented itself. Story (October 2015) is about a new-found photo of Billy the Kid which may be worth 5 million dollars. To learn more […]

The Age After Torn

Before the age of all ages after the age of ice one age was torn it was rived, limited corruptible in spirit and weak there were too many worlds opening and closing no one could make up their minds and every time one world was neglected (and another one was formed) another one died it […]

Dionysus’ Deciduous Dawn

The road before dawn Smoldered under the Sinuous ray of one morning light As pearly mushroom buttons Tailored the brass netted lawn A fog rose amongst the thorns Fluorescent diamond caps shimmered On an emeraldescent vine while Spirited leaves, feverishly Strummed the grass, and fueled A brazen, feline argonaut Rolling deep, unsettling the frost, silencing The hymns […]


I failed to see beauty, utmost Turned into an image, beaten down Fleeing from my growing back A monstrous hump was formed I turned into a statistic, a run down Motel where You lift the bed and bring your own sheets I turned into a statistic, Cloaked in deranged pity And my soul awoke one […]