Closed Until Fall

Come with me this evening And I will take two links from your watch Come to the front door Drop  off sugar, peanut butter in a green coffee cup And I will give you spoons of my tomato soup I’ll stub my pinky on your chest You’ll sneak the car to the firehouse Show me […]


Maybe it didn’t make sense on the battlefield Maybe it didn’t make sense leaving Utah for gold It may not have been the purpose-driven-life of a religion But a ridden-hard-life that surrendered its soul Too run down to make sense, aimless It was a threat back then It was a force called youth Calling high […]

It’s Raining Newman

One doesn’t come across many artists who respect their audience like Randy Newman.  In some ways, most music today is very simplistic. Let’s be honest. Poetry is deep and avoidable. Music is (not too deep) unavoidable.  Think about it.  You know or heard of someone who has “doo wop bop bop doo wop’ed,” “mama mia’ed,” […]

Unlike Each Other

Each day You may not realize this The bird’s song will be different As daylight touches to warm the back Of the mountain’s side Or as a wheel turns tread Against the roads arms It will never be the same Twice A child calling out to his mother in need Leaves so brazen falling down […]

Wailing Rails Of Night Train to Barcelona

Right through the rod Electricity went into its heart–the train It was a hot year in Europe Heat waves and wildfires Parts of the French countryside were beaten black I remember the wind shouting through the gliding glass Feeling the most dry most cool I ever felt Skin pours perked with adrenaline and sighs of […]