Month: December 2016

(A) Spiral Groove

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My other life called


Its been a long time

Got my number from a friend

Heard my mom had passed

Sorry but couldn’t stay in touch

Moved all the way to haha Alaska

Give me a call back…

They didn’t even leave a name


Maybe  an old friend remembered me

Broke the code found my number and called

How’d they get my number

Someone wants to get back into my life

I don’t know anyone from Alaska

Someone wants to reach me

It hasn’t happened before


Stranger calls have gotten

Me to think of people who are

In my mind and who stay there

People I think about but never call

People I dream about who I don’t know

People I make plans for who do not exist

People  I love who don’t have life numbers, period numbers, era numbers, zip codes, homes…

I know enough though


Guess who called is like any other stranger

Guess who called is like any other

Motion in play any other motion on play


Reached where it was supposed to go