Getting To The Heart of Stein: A Blue Broken Heart Tribute

When I think of the present moment, I think of the poetry of Gertrude Stein.  A broad spectrum of her poetry lives in the moment.  Her dominate style-usage of repetition with variation was not a careless throw of words on an empty page; her style-usage of repetition combed through words over and over until they were smooth, shiny, and strong.  For, repetition is not a way to fill in space; nor, is it a broken record (a conundrum drumming on and on with no purpose). Repetition is the act of living (partnered with our beating hearts), in the present, giving value (and emphasis) to linguistic patterns while caressing each word (repetition is the basis of eternity). One word spoken once may die or be forgotten; but, one series of words spoken many times over and over again are dreams we never forget!

How many times can one say the same thing over and over again? As many times as it takes for one to understand.  And what happens to the message?  The message changes; the reader changes.  The message is broken down into pieces and parts that are not intimidating–language is made simple (broken down into cubes and squares–just like when we were children working primary colored, wooden blocks!).  Sameness reveals difference; sameness orchestrated carefully and tenderly reveals a multilayered reality.  Exhausted words exhausts meaning.  Meaning is exhausted when words are pushed to the limit.  The limit is only pushed until the words are exhausted. A fresh and vivid language will emerge with new possible meanings to open our minds echoing how  “a single image is not splendor,” and how “the difference is spreading.” (Stein, Tender Buttons)

To experience Stein please visit this link:

“Blue Broken Heart”

Lightest of all light
blue broken heart
trapped in a conundrum of lies
lightest of all blue
blue broken heart
a conundrum trapped of light
lightest of all lies
heart broken conundrum
trapped in a blue broken heart
lightest conundrum of all
blue heart broken
broke lightest light broke lies
heart trapped in all blue
blue broken heart
lightest light lies lying
trapped all in a heart
broken blue broken
light is a conundrum
lightest heart broken
trapped light blue
conundrum of all lies
heart broken lies
blue broken heart
blue trapped in blue light
conundrum of light broken
lightest heart light heart light!
conundrum, conundrum, conundrum
lightest of all blue
broken blue broke blue
broken light broke lies
broke all light broken blue
conundrum trapped the lightest heart
the lightest heart broke
the lightest light blue
broke broke broke
trapped trap trapped
broke the




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