Month: October 2015

Million Dollar Billy Done Dada

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A tribute to dada poetry (aka dadaist poetry). I had a great time seeing language emerge from my little plastic bag of cut-out-words. I am impressed with how easily the title presented itself. Story (October 2015) is about a new-found photo of Billy the Kid which may be worth 5 million dollars.

To learn more about dada poetry please visit this link:

“The only other portrait”

Resemblance authenticate that we have

In a statement was taken Sunday on the historical

4-by-5 inch Holy Grail of said Billy the Kid

A methodical photo 5 million kid

Representing the alongside known croquet

Significant 2-by-3 inch junk or Billy

The more and insured million, million experts photograph

This ensured is perhaps Americana

Photo believed under-five years known

1878 Tiburon most compelling of the U.S notorious

Authenticity is overwhelming

Standably skeptical–Americana prominent single

Ever seen junk shop

A $2 donor in Oct.

Henry played went outlaw

Assembled photograph

The Lincoln at Fort Sumner is apparently the have

Bought county Calif. New Mexico

Valued the photo behind the image

Evidence the sellers rare $2

Store importance first saw incalculable–authenticity Billy

Image’s find doubts

We had to be that case answer appraised

Piece of Western we were

Of the taken West ago

Found gang of Billy of his Grail Bonney

The image worth than family

Better certain tintype before detail

His gang exist in War Holy citizens,

They had with friends the Kid on Lincoln month

Simple an original

When we the photograph say not enough

When the Regulators and collectibles in 1880 study

Journey to McCarty that been Calif. was sold

The unique Territory could when and how gold

We several bought every he


Dark Exposure

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“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face” ~John Donne

White noise

Not silence

Bared flesh

Smeared with blood

Rearing up

Like a horse


By the pull of autumn

Leaves snap

Harden amber

Cold forest breaks

The fragile mound

Of flesh summoned

From the ground under

A birth for winter’s

Arms surround

From the base

White water

Not pure

Not anymore

Wild glass

Played by fire

The forest yields

A dark exposure

So much awakes

Right before

The ground freezes

Half way out

Violently lashing

Still alive

Warped by survival–

Clburdett, 2015