The Age After Torn

Before the age of all ages

after the age of ice

one age was torn

it was rived, limited

corruptible in spirit

and weak

there were too many worlds

opening and closing

no one could make up their minds

and every time one world was neglected

(and another one was formed)

another one died

it was an age of waste and indulgence

then all the doors to all the worlds shut

nothing could be done or seen

and a thought was formed, pooled out,

and reflected upon all the realities that died

keeping the echoes of regret and

imprisoning mass manifested bodies of confusion

the walking spirits of the dead filled the pool

the whispering words of regret filled the pool

this gestational stage bore chaos

In front of a fire where wine was once poured

there was talk of war

for the age of earth was becoming no more

those who spoke to fire moved out from under the sky

those who prayed to fire began to bark at the sun

the channel between sky and god was altered

and those who were against fire prayed into the

dark places where fire did not exist nor burn

prayed until the sky struck all who were living with a

downpour that sent them all back to ash and mud…

The first to break free was a poet

and it was a poet who led them into battle

against all who stood in the way of fire

although their words could not

brandish weapons nor, from the hilt, lift a sword

their words led many

and the many became soldiers

the ones still living and those who neared

away from the pool of chaos

fought against the deep fissures

created by those who wanted to keep opening

and closing doors

for every door picked up pollution

linking them further and farther

from all worlds until the sky was not blue anymore…

If you can remember

you may or may not

there was much fighting, for so long,

much fighting

one day it stopped

since no one could remember what

they were fighting for

the disturbance created, for the sake of stability,

righted itself back to a state of continuity

creating an age of symbiosis

which blew wide open the last door

illuminating the world much brighter

than the age of fire and lifting them higher than

all ages of earth

And many ages past, and many, today,

living in the age of now, have doubted

the door of this world could have ever opened

some today still doubt, this

door, has ever, closed

But before the age of all ages

after the age of ice

after the age of fire

one age broke free from

the age that was torn


clburdett, 2015



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