Dionysus’ Deciduous Dawn

The road before dawn

Smoldered under the

Sinuous ray of one morning light

As pearly mushroom buttons

Tailored the brass netted lawn

A fog rose amongst the thorns

Fluorescent diamond caps shimmered

On an emeraldescent vine while

Spirited leaves, feverishly

Strummed the grass, and fueled

A brazen, feline argonaut

Rolling deep, unsettling the frost, silencing

The hymns of First-Light-Genesis

Deafening purr and wanderlust

Swiped the diamonds from the vines,

Plagued the pearly mushroom buttons

Tore the deciduous leaves of dawn

Opal garden innocence; glowed, only in remembrance

As the sky began to burn, misty doors dropped

The birds woke, the wind nodded, the road stretched

Smitten hard as one ray multiplied!

Everyday we are born, the sweet smell

Of birth, aromatic and intoxicating

Everyday we drink in all that we can

We drink it all in, for we believe it

To be our last…but

Come back to the feast

Every morning come back

You, impoverished

Brimming with hunger

Dogged with thirst

Flushed with frivolousness

Dionysus’ deciduous dawn,

Will fill you


Clburdett  2015


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