For weeks my body was shippedConstantly losing much and never getting better and itKept getting darker and darkerAs I stayed in, peeling the curtain back, Sweat-shaking dreams lingering,Herded by nightmarish echoesOf mutinyAs the sun shone, like jade, 359pmThere was light out, thoughts yawning,859pm would have made more senseWhere do the shadow pains come fromWhere does the […]

Folded Up

Today was over simplifiedIt was lived short and forgottenIt was lived, for tomorrowToday was not burdened with Wanting to go out and have fun Today was just me, folding up I stretched I ate I relaxedTurned my mental tv offI cleared my mind,My bills got lostToday was a good day I didn’t think of anything I did not repent, I did not hateI […]