Pedal Pushing

When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race. ~H.G. Wells

It’s a bike up hill
Rising in your seat
And sweaty
It’s cotton candy
Fluffed up in humidity
It’s an early wake up call
A rule of the road–
Don’t predict the weather
Don’t underestimate the road

It’s a friend who believes
Your voice dictates your internal pain
It’s a bookcase filled with books
Waiting to be shared or read again
It’s an unknown source of grievance
Another rule of the road–
Don’t predict pain
It’s unpredictable

It’s rod iron thrusting
Out life and sweating to
Get to the top of
Another top to get to
Total pedal to the metal
And enjoying
And weeping and finally
Praying to get you there
Oh God Oh God Oh God!
It makes you believe again
More rules of the road–
Our spirit is unpredictable

Rules of the road
With a little wind advisory–
Keep it light; hills are steep
You’re not in a rocket ship
So don’t count on relativity
You’re not a time traveler
You’re a real human being
On the bike of life
Pedal pushing

Clburdett,  2015

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