A nod to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown”


Maybe it’s time I see darkness

Fall in the middle of the thick and the deep

Maybe it’s time I be tamed

By the primal instinct in me

Hushed by the woods I see Faith

Tied in ribbons and spinning the forest floor

Then, surrounded by a communal silence

So basically I am, yet again, alone

I dare not speak in the thick and the deep

An unnatural voice and an echo precedes

Gets absorbed into the philosophy of the tree falling

There is much to take in, but not everything can be seen

Darkness in day timeI wonder if they

Deep in the wilderness, without wings, know the sun

It’s an ungodly hunt in a godly made space

Tracking the inert footsteps of Faith

And in those moments you can either run

Into saints, hunger illusions

Or the insane

For following Faith draws in

Those deranged from law, Desperados

Lawless ‘cause they believe the thick and the deep

Conceals much wanton, iniquity

But all ties in the wilderness can be seen

Held hostage, awakened by a drop of blood

Nonsense vying frivolity

In a deep where they exist no more

There’s no right way out of the thick and the deep

These unholy thieves drawn in by your needs

For famishing flesh to them is a game

And, you with one weapon: Your body

And, I feel we’ve been washed down, formally accustomed

To what is primal, spiritual, and science made

Protecting ourselves from invisible things

And our skin is not used to the natural flowers

Our feet not used to the natural grounds

Our bodies not wanting the natural salts

If we tarry too long with unnatural things

Our Faith may not be the only thing lost…

Stillness draws trouble, in the thick and the deep

Expansion pushes one to keep on moving

The ungodliness the unholy wilderness

It’s all too foreign for us

Sometimes I get far out like the ocean

So far out I don’t know I’m being pulled

And sometimes when I’m lost I stay lost

Not wanting to back track, culling my Faith

Feeling the shadows of the deep

And I’m lulled

Maybe I need to die in the thick and the deep

I have no connections no children to miss me

No love who will ever regret that he loved me

For, there is a great difference between following someone into Hell

And following someone into an untamed part of Hell…

Maybe it’s time to be tamed

By the darkness that usurps us all


clburdett2011, rewrite2015



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