Month: March 2015

Virtue Described

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Virtue is condemned to

A life of self-righteousness

Based on a system

Of rewards and punishment

Embedded in hierarchy

Tamed like an animal

There is no freedom in virtue

Virtue must redeem

Itself through acts of kindness

To one day be

Canonized into stone

Bearing as it bares us

Weighing all hearts

Lit with a sainted halo

Now, truth was once

Told in a cave

Full of shadows

Prisoners freed still

Wanting their chains

Living in blindness

Settled on phantoms

Virtue was there

Igniting their rage

Virtue is a hegemonic pollution

Guarding the gems

Of fear, guilt, and shame

It will never be regarded

As anything but moral

There is no freedom in virtue

Clburdett 2015