The Fear Knot

You must let go of this world

Your children

Your dreams

The fear of losing

The fear of not being

Everything you own

Your sandcastles

Your stones

It may be the only way to live

Look at all the things which you are

Surrounded by and think

Could I leave it all?

Just leave

I have unfinished books and afghans

Pictures to print stories to write

Candles to burn against the darkening sky

Camping under blankets

Playing board games

Seeing the light pop into their eyes!

And I think

I don’t want to ever leave

There will be a time when letters become

Much harder to read

Friendships harder to make and to keep

More time to oneself

One’s mind soothingly

Rocking the chime of passed memories

And I think

I must untie my clutch from the dying

Must extricate my tightened heart

And high-strung feet

Remove this rope

Stop over thinking

It may be

The only way

To live





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