The Fear Knot

You must let go of this world Your children Your dreams The fear of losing The fear of not being Everything you own Your sandcastles Your stones It may be the only way to live Look at all the things which you are Surrounded by and think Could I leave it all? Just leave I […]


I woke up before the speed of light could release me and my thoughts were half asleep music in my mind playing the music stopped when I opened my eyes and that peaceful moment between sleep and reality lent breath and I realized I failed my dreams a whole life was spent running, frustrated hiding […]

Free Sol

There still the sun None so ever equaled All is measured from Light rays and speeds and Galaxies intermingling Just a small measurement brings In the whole universe Just a small sample of dust Tells us about life There still the sun When you are losing, tiring, weeping It is on a fight-path for us […]