Month: February 2014

The Coin Toss

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Its sojourn is tied to a residual wish

Silver, copper, candy fish

A tangled requiem

An arrow pulled back wrong

A song not hitting strings

A flash in the pond, investment plunge!

Marks the contributor of the coin toss

Hallucinations are part of dreams

And dreams don’t have a ground

They are the left over wishes

In a bewildered, wanting well

You can sing over the shimmering water

And hope by glint you return

To where you threw the coin in

Interlocking you with time-held desire

En route to where wishes exist

And where homeless leprechauns collect

Flashing pieces from the woolly abyss

I absolutely did not toss this time

Left the well bemused, reflected

No expectations nor attached meanings

No more pearly predictions, no more waiting

A residual wish

Left inside

Solidifies my soul

Marks the contributor of the coin toss