Early Bird Bookmarked

We will be re-read into a New Life
But no one
Not even ourselves
Will recognize us
Nor will we remember
But only kind words
Can help us
Transport us onto Pages
This is who you are!
Can I take the past words from the old life, to New
Can I mark my last story while I’m picking and choosing?
It would not be painful
If it wasn’t for re-surfacing memories
Those memories tied, buoying
Above the surface with such
Persistence, it’s annoying
We are all trapped in some story
Forging through the library of Life, Good Deeds, and Dying
So in a rush to end the next chapter
We forget to enjoy the journey
Early bird bookmarked, right mid center
Trying to get ahead of a story not too keen to finish
Of a story not too knowledgeable of
Taking our minds for a walk down
Roads of letters and print
Wishing we could fly across them
With speed and Accuracy!
We are so ignorant of why there are stories
So ignorant of pain that grueling Red Herring
So ignorant of happiness that dish best, left Cold
Bombarded by the thought of turning another page
Makes us anxious
Let’s get it over with! This part is so long!
Am I living the wrong story?
Re-read into a story not of my own?
Am I two chapters in or two out?
Do I even here, belong?
I feel my heart is made of so many messed up
Mixed up pages
Scattered, unedited, needing a revision
Early bird bookmarked, right mid center


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