“Water is the driving force of all nature.”
Leonardo da Vinci

I don’t want to end my life, dying
On the riptide of a binary sliding scale
Floating in the keep of victimization
Dredging through emotional miscalculation
A stream of consciousness is never in a constant
State….and neither are you
You’re in dangerous waters
In dangerousO2
Particles out there searching for life
In a condensational, ill-fated frenzy
That would shame mass production
And annihilate the machine
It doesn’t matter if you play in it…you breathe it
And you wash yourself clean
Sanitation control, urgent care coordinators are losing their teeth
Over the big question: Is it keeping us alive or is it killing?
And it is the most pure and most abundant source in
Our Milky Way galaxy
This bi-polar pollutant is a nice cool drink
This temperamental shape shifter
Feeds our Green House, effectively
Opening the soil clearing the skies
Lifting up dirt and disease
Healing and maintaining the function
Of all things
A stream of consciousness is never in a
Constant state…it’s always changing
Emotional baggage is not only isolated
It gloats when it slips back into this benign sanctuary
And it doesn’t matter if you play in it, or relieve it
You are a percentage of it, functioning on a universal solvent
Of your own body’s chemistry
You’re in dangerous waters…oh, dangerous


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