Ambiguous Turn

Oh where are you at?

And in what state of being

Will I see you amongst the dexterous?

Or the fledglings in the grass

Or may I have to ask Alice to seek you,

Through the Looking Glass

Deception, what body do you take?

When I can’t seem to get my story straight

Deception, in what form will you arrive

Will it be behind tears, pinched at the eyes?

Will you confess in a superfluous way?

Or lie down in a recumbent way

And Deception will sustain

I was warranting hearts and rhetor-ifying souls

Shutting down shop while unlatching doors

I was pulling weeds with the Jesters in The Wind in the Willows

I was hidden behind sheets, pilot lights, and soft, comfy pillows

But where were you at? Deception asks looking askance

I admit to not knowing and admit to not remembering

Honestly, I was busy following you

Withholding an unasked question

Exploiting and stretching on truth

Downplaying a game of concealment

Disguising an interrogative sleuth

Clouding an inquisitive equivocation

Overshooting an ambiguous turn…

Simpering, Deception sneaks in a blurb,

Knowing and Accepting are Two Parts of Truth

And with these words a flick of a grin

Traipses across Deception’s face

Why do we confess to be verily verily bent?

On the lady swinging her scales

Blindly, with sword, in cement

When we are really intent

On lies


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