Month: May 2013


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A nod to Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”


No one deserves to die, but they do

Not one can predict the time, though they say

But there is one Flaw in the Universal Plan which Hands us Death

And it isn’t pleading or out smarting or physical strength

It’s touching a man in a “moment of grace”

And who is the man acting as God’s Proprietor

Giving himself the name Undertaker

Sneering to ever stealing or wanting anything

Making all the wrongs he’s done, in life, to fit

Claiming sin is sin

In a twisted blood-thirsty


Did life prepare you or create for you this moment?

Standing at the head of a malevolent gun

And what could have been done to change it

Social morality, community awareness

Witness to the resurrection—signed to a better prayer list?

No one deserves to die, but they do

Arrows shot long ago

Targets of immense Magnetic Fusion

In a world of Hopeful Anomalies

Your car didn’t flip, you by-passed the ditch

Skipped Florida and road right to Tennessee…

But we are the Flaw, the snare

That trips the Universal Plan which Hands us Death

Turning it to a moment of grace

An intrinsic cry within a moment of clarity

In a final blood-thirsty