Final Score

I talked with my mom today– was reminded of these words written for my uncle, my mother’s brother, my cousin’s daddy, my aunt’s husband, and my grandmother’s son.  A man who cried on the American Flag every Fourth of July.  And, a man who prayed, head down, back pew, snoring, during Sunday Service.  A man you’d want to love and strangle at the same time!  I wrote this for my Uncle Bob.

Final Score

When we talk now
We laugh differently
When we think of you we even smile
That’s how it is
That’s how it sounds

Maybe life isn’t ready to call it loss
Maybe life isn’t about departures or goodbyes
I know there’s something more, like how
we talk and remember
Letting the stories of your life pour out
like musical notes
but that’s how it is
that’s how it goes
The memorandum of your life plays on
as we gather stories, words from friends who knew
all about you. We piece together truths and half-truths
and sometimes it works and yet again we
laugh in remembrance somehow

But sometimes we cry for an encore
We’re unaware and uncertain of ourselves at times
but so sweet are now the memories
so sweet is the sound of your life
reverberating something more

The memorandum of your life plays on and
we take it to continue the


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