Left Over Vision

Nobody thinks I’m alive anymore

Can’t die twice if you’re already dead

There are no aftermaths no mourners

Sooner or later we fade from

People’s minds before we pass

Looking into the mirror, having a vision

That needs to be explained in entirety

It may not have been the right vision

But a day-dream when one’s consciousness is away or awake

It may have been a left over vision

Caught in a dressing room mirror

Picked up by the wrong person

I felt it, I felt the sun shining on me

While reaching down to flip off my shoes

I knew that bigger things out there existed

Intuition, a feeling, chance, grace, and mercy

All routes were clear all skies were blessings

My mom and sister thought they lost me

One even checked to see if the outfit fit me

Now looking back, I wonder if that mirror

Took a part of me

Stole something which caused a rift to settle in me

Nothing falls from Heaven anymore

Nothing was like that day, in that dressing room

Looking in the mirror, seeing me for me

Bright, shinning, blue, alive, thriving!

Was that vision for me?

Was that vision a left over destiny?

Cursed because I took it

Now cursed because that vision

Did not belong to me

Whatever it took of me that day

I hope that part of me missing

Is still out there, living….


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