Month: November 2012

The Gates

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I can not believe it
I wanted to lie next to you
I saw you on the street

Wash the streets
Cars keep driving by
Wash me into the spot
Of where you died
Wash, wash me
Open your eyes just one
More time…

My last touch of you
My last hold of you
My last talk with you
Was after you

Was after


My Daughter

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I wish my arms could have held her into life

I wish my arms could have stopped

The bleeding and her crying

Like that power of love

Which transcends everything

Like that type of love which turns a light on

When one is scared

And I fantasized of absorbing her pain

Right out of her body

Just give it to me

She’s too young to die

She’s too young to feel her body give out

Too young to feel…

I wished her the immortality

I had as a child