What if my faith does not pass me through?

What if I wander

What if I limbo

Where will my conscious thought go

Is my body tied to this consciousness

Will it go when I go?

Back to where I remember nothing

Darkness into darkness

Will it be like sleep?

No thought no care

No worry no pain

Just sometimes dreams…

Maybe we do die in our sleep

Maybe our beliefs take us

To where we want to go

Pushing us into this inevitable crossing

Will our bodies get so tired

We give up on remembering

Will our convictions keep us safe—carry us through

Into knowing we will

Wake up tomorrow

Knowing sleep will not

Violate or take from us

The phantasmal hope of a soul space, beyond

Still present still connected

Maybe someone on that other side will remember with us

To lose consciousness is scary

To not remember loved ones

To not have memory or knowledge you

Once breathed as a living person

What if the mind dies before the body—what then?

It seems sorely, wasteful to store up memory

Built upon experience to only

Be thrown away with death’s denouement

Darkness into darkness

What will it be?

A grave, a flash

A regret a split

A wraith unseen…

I don’t want to die

I don’t want to forget

I don’t want to come back

Or be the arduous apparition unwilling to leave

I want to wake up from this sleep

And remember my dreams

With family with friends

With soul mates and kin—in lightness

Never forgetting


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