A Few Strings and a Bottle

We were down in the basement

And you were spinning the bottle

You laughed and asked me if

I still danced with rabbits

And I laughed and told you

Do you think we’re too

Old for this?

A few strings and a bottle

You’re divorced and alone again

I’m jobless with a degree

That pretty much sums up

Life and all its mystery

I watch you spin the bottle

I remember childhood

Half wasn’t bad

And the half that was good

Is missing

I wonder will it stop on me

I lean forward and watch it spin

You laugh and tell me if

It lands on the heater

I’ll have to tongue kiss it

That’s fine with me I say

I’ve kissed a lot stranger than that

Were you drunk he asks?

No I was sober I say

Naw, you were stupid he says

At least I’m not divorced and old

I should not have said old

I didn’t mean it

He’s more sensitive about his age

Like me, he still thinks he may be an actor

And I still think I may be a writer

We’re two old has-beens who still have

Childlike dreams

I wish you’d just kiss me I say

I’m getting to it he says, but

It has to stop on you

Well! There’s the answer to life, the

Universe and everything

My lips are right in front of you

And you still spin that damn bottle

Now, I understand why

We’re not getting anywhere…

You still get any I say

Gawd, you’re a bitch he says

Remember when we were kids?

He looks at me and laughs again

I remember you dancing out

In the barn with my mom’s rabbits

I remember thinking how weird you were

You even sang to them too

Yeah, I say, I remember

Here we are in the basement

A few strings and a bottle

Once children now grown

With adult lives and unforeseen experiences

Still believing life at any age

Can take on a force of its own

That life can still be fair, kind, and especially generous

Gawd, I hate this game I say

It used to freak you out then

Damn it just kiss me!

No I can’t, he says, but I’m getting to it

Just landed on the rusty

Old watering can off your left shoulder

Well enjoy yourself I say

I will….


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