The Right of Millions

I speak from experience

Heredity is health up against the illusion of prevention

Justice is fast falling money from the sky to the faithless

The last one standing is far from being the fairest

And people who love solitude

Are those who have people around

Because who loves solitude more than

The person with a kept home

And the comfort of a smile

Who hates laughter when

Laughter is heard all around

Who hates sugar but the person

With candy currency, building up

From distinguished and non-distinguished holidays

And the people who don’t need a ride

Anywhere are the people who have

A million cars

Like a million chances

Life comes easy when

Everything is in advance

Paycheck comes early

Baby does too

Early worm gets by unnoticed

By early bird

The boy who cries wolf

Is not thrice but quadrice heard

It’s a wonderful world when

The slipper fits more than

One fair maiden in the kingdom

It’s a wonderful world when Midas

Can turn-on and turn-off his golden touch

It’s a wonderful world

When empathy goes beyond feeling what others feel

It’s a wonderful world when

The Emperor’s cloths are for real

We all speak from experience

Overwhelmed and tried by sour grape dissonance

Like a million marching ants under walking footsteps

Even though we should not ask or speak of it—Life is unfair

With its natural laws, sucker punch-fish-tailing-rejections

Unintentional shuffles, pig-in-the-poke-toss-ups

Life is nothing more than what it is—it is not deceiving us


Millions of chances

Millions of rights

Millions of people

Not just one special person

Not just one special person


…because who hates laughter

When laughter is heard all



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