In their entirety, stars

Have never disappeared

One ‘being’

Whole enough

To be God

Out there

In the universe

Never moving

An undeviating


Yet perception

Has a great deal

Of influence

On us

We move, yet

We stay in our own destined


I wonder if the soul breaking from

The body is equivalent to

A nebula

Removed from the body

Yet there

Particles and pieces existing

Surrounding the space that

Once was

It will be one hell of a convention

Trying to explain to people

In scientific terms how

Death and dying act as a nebula

It takes billions of years for a star

To die

But only a second for someone

To forget what they once loved

There are enough stars in the universe

To leave a trail of dust from now

And until the water-soluble, mammal and

Fish thinking brain

Ceases to be

That is a mighty big impact

On the way we see things…

As fleeting


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