Month: May 2012


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To be thankful we are perfect

but not perfection

to be thankful for the charge

to be set apart from others

from all comfort

to suffer more and acquire

in this life humility



No one can take that from you


To be thankful for a portion

that at times appears to exonerate


to be wondering why me

in the face of surrendering

all that you are on a plate

overseas, in a gutter

facing real fears

and knowing real danger

knowing you can not control

that head-butting fate

which brought you to this moment

and decide


No one can take that from you


Contrasting life in matter

and in all form

knowing there are no accidents

no failures no mistakes

no second best

just winners in the circle

who have faith

they did the best they could

not the best for some

who may be important to us

and in attitude

prayer and faith

trust what you have done

will emancipate you

others are still watching


No one can take that from you





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In their entirety, stars

Have never disappeared

One ‘being’

Whole enough

To be God

Out there

In the universe

Never moving

An undeviating


Yet perception

Has a great deal

Of influence

On us

We move, yet

We stay in our own destined


I wonder if the soul breaking from

The body is equivalent to

A nebula

Removed from the body

Yet there

Particles and pieces existing

Surrounding the space that

Once was

It will be one hell of a convention

Trying to explain to people

In scientific terms how

Death and dying act as a nebula

It takes billions of years for a star

To die

But only a second for someone

To forget what they once loved

There are enough stars in the universe

To leave a trail of dust from now

And until the water-soluble, mammal and

Fish thinking brain

Ceases to be

That is a mighty big impact

On the way we see things…

As fleeting