In First Person

It’s amazing how much tenderness can

Come from a man who has healed

And it doesn’t matter if the table is wobbly

It can still hold enough weight if it’s done properly

And warmth transformed into a soothing breath

Which came from the mouth

So close to the face– more intimate

And entirely better than a kiss

It takes courage to express much tenderness

And when it comes from a man who

Does not think of where or how

He will use his hands– he uses them

In the face of all uncertainty

Like reaching out for the last needle

In the hay stack

Because needles want to be found

And if you happen to land on one

Then you are unique and lucky

Because not everyone can find

A needle in a load of hay

There are reasons why men cannot show tenderness

They are afraid

Because real men

Don’t have all the answers

They have to work at loving

Like everyone else

And sometimes the past speaks a little

Bit louder than they would like to admit

My advice would be to express it

Leap, vault, hurdle, jump in

You may never get this chance again

You may lose other chances

But you expressed your tenderness

You reached out further than you thought you would

And then something miraculously happened

I reached back

In first person

Because needles want to be found


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