In First Person

It’s amazing how much tenderness can Come from a man who has healed And it doesn’t matter if the table is wobbly It can still hold enough weight if it’s done properly And warmth transformed into a soothing breath Which came from the mouth So close to the face– more intimate And entirely better than […]

The Closest I Can Get

In the garden, there was this saying Inside the core of an apple “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” The garden was truth and it was good and If you can conceptualize good Then you know of bad—but it wasn’t like that, then The word good wasn’t trapped in idealism Or semantics; It […]

Eternal Unawakening

When you walk with me I may not get to the part of Why they always leave me In their hearts before I go And then it comes Back round again A dead season An eternal unawakening An unconditional An unforgiving A mother nature Unbecoming Am I that important? On a universal checking list Of […]