Honor Road

We drive home and you don’t look at me

This may be our last drive together

There’s this war I have to fight and

You understand that sometimes in life we can’t always…

Be together, I finish it for him

Maybe next life I will have you for myself

Maybe next life there will be no war

It should be this time

But it’s not

The windows are down and the Arizona air

Feels as though it is thinning even in the heat

Your hand comes down to rub my leg, to hold my hand

It’s dark

It’s late

Whatever it is, you want to say, say it now

Whatever is going to happen lets do it now

But that short of time limits our language

And limits the places we go

I’m not leaving you he says, I’m coming back

I know I say but inside of me, on the road, I’ve made my peace

Silently thanking you for your love


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