Snow Drift

You took back your words That means you lied Glittering flakes at the bottom Christmas came early the day You arrived What is trembling What is shifting In the back of my mind Seen better days Whirling flakes of sparkle and magic What is causing this to die? What do we have but a glimmering […]

Mary Fisher’s Whisper of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Some of the most beautiful words and coined phrases have come from speeches.  Public address is not part of our everyday reading repertoire, like magazines, newspapers, and books.  A speech is unique.  It calls for an audience–it calls for direct advocacy in which no other art form can do.  Speeches are the living words of our past, the maps of historical rights […]

Honor Road

We drive home and you don’t look at me This may be our last drive together There’s this war I have to fight and You understand that sometimes in life we can’t always… Be together, I finish it for him Maybe next life I will have you for myself Maybe next life there will be […]