An End of Summer Trigger: A Must Read Before Summer Takes Off

Although summer is coming to an end, and, since it’s not cooling off, here is a must read before summer takes off.  If you never read anything by Robert Anton Wilson I believe you are missing out.  By reading Robert Anton Wilson, one comes away with their own independent beliefs with the hunger to explore the mysteries of the universe with a little more gusto than they had before.  Wilson has been known to adopt the beliefs of Dr. Timothy Leary which has dragged Wilson through the mud to putting him on a pedestal, depending on the audience.  That is another reason why you should read Wilson– he is unique and controversial.  Wilson delves into myth, mysticism, science, ancient cultures, and more. He writes about our cultural strings in which keep us tied together.  I was actually introduced to Wilson’s work by my brother, the Great Philosopher, and Ordained Minister, Barry Burdett.  He told me a story about a girl who was gang raped, Wilson’s daughter, she was a young girl when it had happened.  Anton remembered coming upon her in her room and he felt and saw a light of positive energy flowing from her.  When he asked her how she did it, she told him she had, “[…] stopped the wheel of karma.”  Which is one of the most profound statements I had ever come across (which is explained more deeply in his book).  And at that moment,  this story compelled me to read Cosmic Trigger (vol. 1).

I have shared this story with students which inspired them to read this same book.  One story about Wilson’s daughter “stopping the wheel of karma” by letting go of the bad energy which would eat her alive, drew me into reading more of Wilson’s mishaps, coincidental adventures, and bizarre phenomena encased in his other writings.  I came away writing, I believe, one of the most provocative, if not, mind triggering poems I have written thanks to Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger.

The Wheel

By C. L. Burdett

I write of our brother

Who hammers on flesh and bone, who

Is waiting for money and mother’s death

Living in the future, past, and present….

Giving me stories to save me from death

If you think you are out of it; it’s an illusion

And if you happen once, you will happen again

In a break you saw a circle made by a little man

Who created life for himself

He danced in darkness as a wheel

With the music of a flute coming

Out of his mouth

He would sing a cell into existence

A beautiful song he would sing

And every time he’d sing

Some thing came into being.

He created all of this for pleasure

To pour into, all this, his pain

He created all this to torture

I’d take terrestrial pancakes, over this, any day…

From one story to another you gave them

And the one I liked the most

When agreed to not wanting a

Cosmic babysitter; if one person was burning in hell

It was then I saw your compassion for

Those who were not spoken for; for those

Who were misunderstood

For those to whom absolute judgment fell

You tip-toed down alien-demon-made sidewalks

While the alien creatures were in bed but awake

Like Kuhn’s paradigm of the sinking ship

With no feet and only your heart, you ran

To the gates where the gateman of eternity wept

When he discovered the ones who sullied heaven

The ones that he reluctantly wanted to keep and let in

Were the ones who were actually God

If I stop the wheel of karma

I will stop the wheel of self righteous hate

If I stop the wheel of karma

I will stop the cup that measures faith

I will stop the Law of Attraction

Then we fall back on the theory of accidents

This means as I write to you

The Theorist rests at mishap

In all of this, I know love exists

It’s the expression of many beliefs that have died

It’s proven, disproved, and picked up again

Disproving love, keeps love alive

Even when truth cannot hold or feed

Or give or keep sane the world around us

Even when truth is not truth

I know love exists

Maybe not because, but, because I

Have to believe in the last words you said

If we happened once we’ll happen and happen